Careers for Independent People

Does the thought of going to an office everyday make you dread work? Do you want the freedom to be your own boss or make your own hours? Then a career where you can be an independent person is right for you. Here are four occupations that might offer the opportunity to work independently while having the comfort of working in a stable career.

Photographers produce images by enhancing the subject's appearance with natural or artificial light, shooting the subject from an interesting angle or drawing attention to a particular aspect of the subject. They must posses a passion for beauty and abstract art as well as having technical and detail oriented skills. Photographers can specialize in many areas including fashion, nature, wedding and family portraits, industrial photography, photojournalism, or news photography.

A bachelor's degree in photography Photography Schools can prepare you for your career and will teach the essentials like composition and aesthetics. Photographers may also begin as assistants to experienced photographers. Assistants acquire the technical knowledge needed and learn other skills necessary to gain exposure and run their own photography business.

More than 50% of photographers are self employed and the industry is expected to grow about as fast as the average. BLS.gov

Website Development
Website Developers communicate valuable information about companies, brands and services through the internet using their visualization, design and programming skills. Web developers must have creative talent to appeal to their client's sense of style along with the training and knowledge of current software programs, HTML, flash animations and typography. Some careers in website development include Web Programmer, Web Designer, Content Developer and Web Producer.

A bachelor's degree is preferred for website development but some jobs may require only a 2-year degree. Many technical institutes, colleges and art schools provide certificate and degree programs in web development and continuing education is necessary due to the quickness of technological advances.

Working remotely is increasingly common for many computer professionals as networks expand, allowing more work to be done from remote locations and technology careers are projected to be one of the fastest growing occupations over the next decade. BLS.gov

Please visit Website Development for degree and college information in this field.

Massage Fitness and Therapy
Massage Therapists work with specialized types of massage including Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, acupressure and sports massage to help clients alleviate pain, reduce stress, decompress tired muscles, rehabilitate sports injuries and promote general health. Special techniques can also be used for elderly, prenatal or infant massages.

Training for massage therapy varies by location however 38 states require therapists to complete a formal education program and pass a national certification examination or a State exam. There are approximately 1,500 massage therapy programs in the county which cover subjects such as anatomy, physiology, the study of organs and tissues and kinesiology.

Massage therapists work in an array of settings both private and public: studios, hospitals, nursing homes, fitness centers and sports medicine facilities. Some massage therapists also travel to private residences or offices for repeat clients.

Approximately 64% of massage therapists are self employed and employment is expected to increase faster than average. BLS.gov

For more information go to Massage Fitness and Therapy

Interior Design
Interior design is the process of decorating and architecturally detailing of both homes and office space. They strive to enhance the function, safety, and aesthetics of interior spaces by focusing on the combination of colors, textures, furniture and lighting. Many interior designers now also help with planning layouts of renovations by determining the location of windows, stairways, escalators, and walkways.

A bachelor's degree is recommended for entry-level positions in interior design and training programs are available from professional design schools or from colleges and universities. Associate degrees can be obtained by attending a 2-year or 3-year program and upon completion graduates normally qualify as assistants to interior designers.

Working conditions vary drastically depending on the place of employment. Interior designers employed by large corporations usually work a standard 40 hour week in a typical office setting. Designers may also work in their own offices on a contract basis and may travel to other locations, such as clients' homes or offices, showrooms, design centers and manufacturing facilities. Check out Interior Designing for Colleges and Universities in this industry.

About 26% of interior designers are self-employed and employment is expected to increase faster than average. BLS.gov

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