Getting an IT Degree

Information Technology (IT) is defined by the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) as "the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware." [Source: En.Wikipedia.org] This term is now used to encompass all that is associated with computers and software. A degree in IT is one of the popular courses of study for first time enrollments to undergraduate programs or for people wishing to change their line of work. A bachelor's degree is an undergraduate academic degree given to a course or major that lasts for three to four years.

Online Degree

Online degrees can be obtained on subjects varying from design of technological systems and computing systems, business and research solutions, communication solutions, computer hardware basics, computer software components, databases, telecommunications, application testing and human interface design.

The online learning format makes it easy for people to acquire their degree from home as they complete coursework through electronic forums, receive lectures, assignments and tests electronically and even collaborate online for projects. Some of the schools that offer online IT bachelor's degrees are: Kaplan University, Walden University, Liberty University Online, Capella University, Salem International University, University of Maryland University College, Jones International University, Northcentral University, Ashford University, Peirce College, Excelsior College, Everglades College, and American InterContinental University.

Vocational colleges and Diplomas in IT

Vocational schools, specialized trade and technical schools offer an opportunity to maximize earning potential, advance education, improve career skills and marketability or just to expand knowledge in a handy, comparatively inexpensive manner. A career school diploma in Information Technology helps students prepare for work in all areas of software development. Some of the subjects covered in these diplomas are: programming in different languages, object-oriented systems analysis and design, Web design and markup languages, application level programming.

Some of the vocational schools and technical colleges that offer IT diplomas/degrees are: Rochester Institute of Technology, DeVry, Florida Technical College, Westwood College, American Center for Technical Arts and Sciences, Miami Dade College, College of Business and Technology, Miami, Pittsburgh Technical Institute, Western Dakota Technical Institute, and ECPI College of Technology.

Career Opportunities in IT

Information technology and computer science professionals have the chance to be part of a sector that is always evolving, presenting learning and adaptation challenges. From household PCs, home offices and enterprise wide computing, IT is greatly in demand and so are all the attendant services such as troubleshooting, programming, repairing, creating Web and enterprise applications, online real-time applications and programs. IT provides a vast area of job and career opportunities. The proliferation of IT in all fields and in the workplace is projected to lead to rapid growth in this field, which is higher than average. In spite of the downturn, employment increases and higher demand for technical workers is expected. Prospects for qualified candidates are expected to be excellent.

Salary Information

Earning potential varies with designation, role, region, years of experience and job responsibilities. Nevertheless, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (Bls.gov) reports that software engineers and professionals can earn from $52,464 to $63,250 at an entry-level position. Experienced professionals could potentially earn up to $92,750 annually.

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